Our Story

The inspiration behind making Wells Cattle Company beef available to our surrounding area comes from the combination of two seemingly unrelated events.

First, a health wakeup call in 2015 that placed me in the hospital. At 39 years of age I had a series of heart attacks. It was not something I will ever be proud of, but it has brought me to a new appreciation for clean healthy eating and a solid workout schedule. I now eat much healthier and enjoy a much better life.

After losing weight and gaining my life back, I am passionate about healthy food. We are hurting ourselves with the hormones, antibiotics, and fast-growth animals in general. Wells Cattle Company is dedicated to sourcing and raising healthy animals in order to produce the best beef known to man.


The second inspiration comes from the passing of my father. My dad raised my brother and me on a dairy farm and following that adventure a beef cattle ranch. I was privileged to grow up around cattle and have grown to appreciate the upbringing I have had. When dad passed away the responsibilities of the ranch, equipment, hay, etc. fell on my shoulders. While at first it was just more to do, it somehow re-ignited a passion deep within me to raise cattle. In some way I feel closer to Dad when out working the cattle and doing the things we used to do together.

So these are the two unrelated inspirations that came together to birth the next level of Wells Cattle Company. Health and family. When you think about it, they are both significant for a happy life. I believe we owe it to our children to provide key elements in their upbringing that will cause them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle centered on a love for family.

I hope our passion for healthy beef makes a positive difference in your life.

Lee Wells, Proprietor
Wells Cattle Company