Our Philosophy

Wells Cattle Co. is a premium pasture-raised beef provider. We source and grow local cattle to provide the best all-natural beef available. Our primary product is pasture-raised, premium whole ground beef. We do our best to provide our customers the best beef!

Whole Beef

We primarily offer what we call “whole ground beef” which means we include every cut of beef in the grind. That’s right! Ribeye, loin, brisket, roasts… ALL IN! This makes the very best hamburger you have ever tasted.

Pasture Raised

We have decided to stay away from the “grass fed” description and use pasture raised instead. This better-describes our process and procedure. Our cattle are raised their entire lifecycle in an open pasture environment. We do not use growth hormones, growth antibiotics, or grain-based diets. However, we do not exclude high protein supplements as a high fat boost in cold winter when grass is out of season and hay may not be enough to sustain the needs of premium cattle. We do not feel like this harms the cattle or meat, but is always beneficial to the overall health of the animal.

Grass Fed

The term grass fed is an over-used and abused term in our day. Well meaning people use this term to market cattle and beef without understanding the strict USDA guidelines. Much of the beef sold under the label “grass fed” is actually finished in the final weeks and months on grain to accelerate growth and profits. There are so many caveats and loopholes with what grass fed means, we choose not to use the term in our company. We strive to be honest and lead our business with the utmost integrity.

Premium Beef

Our goal is to provide the best possible beef to our customers. This means clean, healthy, fat, strong cattle. No antibiotics are used to aid growth like many feed yards use. No growth hormone used and no grain.

Grass Finished

We grass finish each animal we process. This provides a clean diet for the proper cleansing of any toxins that could affect the meat. If we source local animals from surrounding Texas farms, we can be sure the final days before processing are clean, healthy and to our highest standards. We provide lush grasses and quality hay for our cattle providing the most premium products.

Final Processing

We use local state-inspected butchers with experience spanning generations. Animals are inspected by the state inspector both on the hoof and once it is hanging. Our beef is then subject sample testing by the state inspector. To insure our high-quality standard a Wells Cattle Co. employee is allowed to accompany our animals through the entire butchering process.