Freezer Beef

Beef Boxes AVAILABLE Now! 

This beef is from our ranch, dry-aged, pasture raised, and grain finished for premium marbling and flavor. Here’s what our customers are saying about our Freezer Beef:

  • Wells beef is terrific. We would give it 5 out of 5 Stars! - J Horn
  • We enjoy the meat, really good!.. please put me on your list for future purchase. 5 Stars For Sure! - C Keith
  • Five Stars!
- L Hanks
Order below! Schedule your pick up at the restaurant this week, and get a Free Bottle of our Wells Seasoning with your box.

The Chuckwagon Box $225
(out of stock)

2 - Premium Steaks (Ribeye/ NY Strip/ Filet)

2 - Ranch Cut Steaks (Top Sirloin/ Chuck/ Flank/ Flat Iron)

1 - Roast (Rump/ Tip/ Chuck/ Shoulder/ Short Rib)

1 - Stew/Chili

1 - Soup Bone Package

10 - Ground Beef (80/20)

1 - Bottle of Wells Seasoning

This box contains over 20 lbs of beef!!


The Rancher Box $89.99

2 - Beef Bratwurst (1lb pk)

1 - Soup Bone Package

10 - Ground Beef (85/15)

This box contains over 12 lbs of beef!

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