Affidavit for Pasture
Raised Beef

The cattle represented by this document adhere to the following criteria for Pasture Raised Beef produced, procured, and/or processed for or by Wells Cattle Company, specifically:

Animal Origin

  • Animals must be born and raised in the United States.

Animal Husbandry

  • Animals are raised on pastures for the majority of their life cycle.
  • Animals are not finished with the use of grains, or animal by-products.
  • The majority of the life cycle diet consists of forages, including grass or legumes, except for milk consumed prior to weaning.
  • Animal diets are 100% vegetarian. Grass can include pastures as well as a variety of hay, including but not limited to Bermuda grass, or other pasture grasses. Legumes can include but are not limited to alfalfa and clover. We reserve the right to use high-fat/low-grain supplements during winter months, and as-needed, to sustain the health of the animal.
  • Animals have never been administered implants, synthetic hormones, ionophores, or ongoing doses of antibiotics. If any antibiotics must be used for the wellbeing of the animal, all waiting periods for natural withdrawal intervals will be met and/or exceeded.
  • Animals are raised using humane handling practices.

Animal Traceability

  • All animals are recorded in an official record-keeping database that tracks origin, dates, locations, and processing information.
  • Animal carcasses are stored in coolers with clear labels and identification and are processed individually to eliminate any cross-contamination.

Veterinary Interventions

  • Any and all veterinary treatments to animals represented by this affidavit will be documented in an official record-keeping database and available for the period of one year.